Five Auto Glass Treatment Products You Should Consider

Inclement weather and rough road conditions can present a variety of challenges to drivers as they head to and from work, school, and elsewhere. While dozens of advancements have been made in the world of auto glass over the decades, there are still limitations that come with any standard piece of auto glass or a windshield. For those who have struggled to see during a heavy rainstorm or have smudgy residue on the interior of the glass, it is a well-known inconvenience. How can we prevent these sorts of issues from causing distractions and potential accidents while behind the wheel?
Fortunately, there are dozens of auto glass treatment products that can be useful in one form or another. Whether your windshield is susceptible to morning fog, winter ice, or heavy rain, there is most likely a product on the shelves right now that can solve the problem. All too many people drive around with these hassles because they believe that the cost to treat these issues is too much or that the effort required to fix them is too great; this is simply not true. Below, we will outline five different auto glass treatment products that you should consider for all-weather driving.

Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent
As the auto glass begins to age, it loses its shiny, new factory features. Most windshields come with a protective coating when first purchased or installed that can wear down gradually with time; when combined with dirt, debris, and oils, the windshield or windows can quickly lose their ability to repel water efficiently. Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent is an affordable solution ($8.00) that anyone can apply to a clean windshield for better rain repulsion. One application of Aquapel is included and can keep your windshield in great shape for rainy days for up to six months. Aquapel can be found in most major auto shops and from select online retailers.

Nanoskin Anti-Fog Glass Treatment
Anyone who lives along the coast or in a generally humid area may often have to face the perils of foggy conditions on their way to school or work. While you may not be able to eliminate the fog that is in the air, you can effectively eliminate it from your windshield and windows. Nanoskin Anti-Fog Glass Treatment can be purchased for around $15 and comes in a 16-ounce canister for easy application. After it is applied to the interior of your windows, you will enjoy months of fog-free windows and no steaming on the windshield. This is a must-have for those who want to be safe while on the road and don’t want to be constantly activating the defroster.

Rain-X Glass Treatment (Trigger Spray)
Another great product that can be used to repel precipitation of all types, Rain-X Glass Treatment is available through major retailers for just $7.00. This product can be quickly applied to any glass surface – simply hold the bottle upright, spray the solution onto a clean windshield and wipe for even application. While the application only lasts for three months, there are dozens of applications in just one bottle of Rain-X, making it a great value for those who are tired of droplets accumulating on the fringes of their windshields and windows.

RejeX Surface Treatment
Water all over your windshield and windows usually only happens when it is raining or snowing outside, but added moisture from other parts of the vehicle (particularly the hood) can work their way onto your windshield due to wind and motion. As a result, you may wish to treat your entire vehicle with a comprehensive solution that repels all types of moisture. This is where RejeX Surface Treatment can be a vital ally: simply apply this thin-film polymer to the exterior of your vehicle and watch moisture wick off of the vehicle. In addition to protection from moisture, it also helps prevent damage from oils, pests, droppings and other common elements that can affect your vehicle’s paint and body. RejeX is a bit pricey for some, though ($120 for one gallon).

Rain-X Swipe and Wipe
One final product for protecting your auto glass is the Rain-X Swipe and Wipe glass treatment, available from select retailers for just $5.00. Not only can these wipes improve your driving visibility, but they also help repel rain, eliminate winter weather from sticking to your windshield and are completely disposable. Each wipes provides up to two months of protection and is a great way to clean your windshield while you protect it from the elements at the same time.

When out and about, you don’t want to be caught in nasty weather without the proper auto glass protection. While a windshield and windows can keep moisture out of the cabin of your vehicle, you also need to be concerned with how the exterior of your glass performs. The five products outlined above can help provide protection and repel moisture from your field of view while driving; some also double as great ways to protect your entire vehicle or to clean the glass in question. But in the cases of large cracks, a windshield replacement will be necessary.